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math grade meaning

Should I get a tutor? Get help as soon as they get below a ‘B’

With current standards, a ‘C’ in public school typically means they have NO grasp of the material Many parents shy away from the uncomfortable truth that with the binary nature of math, a ‘C’ may as well be an ‘F’ if we’re concerned with comprehension and performance. So even if high performance is not an
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math drilling

Drilling – it works in sports, why not in school?

Drilling basic skills is critical to success in math, physics, and engineering If your child plays sports, studies music, or pursues anything seriously, you probably encourage them to drill diligently. Shooting for a double leg take down, running down a ground ball, scales, jeté, what have you—hundreds, thousands of repetitions. Why do we then stop
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building a foundation math tutoring

Building a foundation or a house of cards?

Good enough often is not enough when building a foundation Many students, even when scheduled for regular sessions from day 1 of term, start from too far behind.

thinking it through modus ponens

The habit most students lack

Thinking it through The habit I most often see when tutoring math is a penchant for guessing at the answer, without thinking it through for even a minute. Not test-pressurized guessing, but an unwillingness to engage with the concept and problem and an instinct to please that rests on agreement rather than working independently. Much
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