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Roy has been passionate about teaching all his life, tutoring since high school, working as a docent at the Detroit Science Center, and with many years teaching martial arts instruction including producing the YouTube channel Kick of Legend.

He has a double specialist degree in Math & Physics from the University of Toronto, and has worked in R&D, technical training & sales, applications engineering, IT—a whole gamut of ‘real-world’ experience to guide which aspects to focus on and which to leave, “just for the test.”

Priding himself on his ability to “explain quantum computing” to a history major or TV baby, Roy offers clear, natural instruction, letting the student see the thought processes behind problem solving, which are their true value.

Teaching youths and having a family himself, he understands the realities of stress, schedules, and resources, and will work to give the best learning experience possible that fits your needs.

His team of tutors similarly have wide teaching experience, many are Ivy-league graduates with first-hand experience of the rigors of test preparation.

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