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Roy has been passionate about teaching all his life, starting from Instructional Technique class in Air Cadets, to working as a docent at the Detroit Science Center, to his many years of martial arts instruction and private tutoring.

He has a double specialist degree in Math & Physics from the University of Toronto, where he held multiple internships in laboratories, including one at the University of Birmingham, UK.

He has worked in R&D, technical training & sales, applications engineering, IT—a whole gamut of ‘real-world’ experience to guide which aspects to focus on and which to leave, “just for the test.”

Priding himself on his ability to “explain quantum computing” to a history major or TV baby, Roy offers clear, natural instruction, letting the student see the thought processes behind problem solving, which are their true value.

Teaching youths and having a family himself, he understands the realities of stress, schedules, and resources, and will work to give the best learning experience possible that fits your needs.

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