Should I get a tutor? Get help as soon as they get below a ‘B’

With current standards, a ‘C’ in public school typically means they have NO grasp of the material

math grade meaning

C = F. Don’t forget.

Many parents shy away from the uncomfortable truth that with the binary nature of math, a ‘C’ may as well be an ‘F’ if we’re concerned with comprehension and performance.

So even if high performance is not an expectation (it should be—Algebra I is not complex analysis), maintaining a ‘C’ throughout their math career often means they’re just being passed along to either graduate a math-illiterate adult or for the college-bound, failing out of a more difficult class with 3 years or more of catching up to do.

Don’t wait until they’re three years behind.
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This is hard to fix a month before the final.

Even when you get a tutor, tutoring often reveals very shaky foundations, and catching up is not only mentally challenging, but emotionally difficult. Compound this with how busy kids are these days, and it’s really in your child’s best interests to never let them get behind, and an easy barometer is their grade in math. Below a ‘B’, and you may want to at least get a tutor to evaluate them.

It’s worth noting that many ‘A’ students also don’t understand the concepts, but are at least able to learn by rote (yes even with the new new math, there is rote learning) and apply the correct equations at the right time.

One of the many benefits of having a good home environment is that talking with parents/family helps them connect math with their every day world, in fact to integrate all their learning. Calculate how much lumber for the deck, why we choose that wood, why nails rust, what is polyurethane?

Even if you don’t know, you can always find out together. Pass on inquisitiveness and energy—it’s even more important than the knowledge.

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