Drilling – it works in sports, why not in school?

Drilling basic skills is critical to success in math, physics, and engineering

math drilling

Drill her math as diligently as her dribble

If your child plays sports, studies music, or pursues anything seriously, you probably encourage them to drill diligently. Shooting for a double leg take down, running down a ground ball, scales, jeté, what have you—hundreds, thousands of repetitions.

Why do we then stop after 5 – 10 homework problems of something we say is the most important, and will certainly be the foundation for all future learning?

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Remember, arithmetic is the start of math education. Whatever new-fangled method your school is teaching your children, they must be able to do single digits and simple cases (anything times 100 for example) instantly in their head.

That can either be through teaching them the way you grew up with, or the new way until it’s automatic. Either way, the answer is drilling.

They can’t move on to new subjects if they are still stumbling on basics

While it’s true doing other math will improve on their previous skills, I’ve never seen it help basic arithmetic. Calculus may improve factoring, but neither improve multiplication or fractions.

math drilling factoring

They can’t concentrate on factoring if they’re still struggling with 5 x 4

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