Little Projects

Data Analysis, Visualization, and Development.

  • Unpaid Gender Gap. (click to view in Tableau Public)
  • HighCharts test with UFC Data. Source: Kaggle. (click for full chart)
  • Python, Pandas, Matplotlib in a Jupyter Notebook to analyze GDP per-capita, Trade Imbalances & Economic indicators, showing trends counter to public discourse. Source: World Bank. (click for full project)
  • R Markdown (RMD) exploring Demographic and Academic markers' correlation to after-college income, including breakdown by race and public/private institutions. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. (click for full project)
  • Javascript and JQuery Mobile for quick app prototype. (Click for App page)
  • Using Javascript, PHP, SQL, along with HTML/CSS to code a test simulation for the CASPer Situational Judgment Test.

About Me

Physicist, Mathematician, Technical Writer, Sales Manager.

Data Analyst
Roy Wang

Roy Wang

I have a broad range of technical experience, including data analytics, Optics R&D, 3D printing & scanning, Injection Molding, Manufacturing, CRM/ERP/PDM, web development, and content creation.

I have managed cross-functional teams, bringing together disparate global entities toward a common goal, and have done extensive business in China/Asia.

I'm passionate about leadership and the effects it brings on colleagues and the business, and so I'm necessarily interested in data, but also beyond it.

I like learning and solving interesting problems, particularly on transformative projects.

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