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Roy Wang, President

Since 2015 we have had the privilege of providing the best CASPer resource on the market.

We are passionate about what lies behind CASPer™ because as corporate leadership as well as private citizens, we see and experience the deficiencies CASPer™ attempts to address. We want to bring this awareness and training to as many people as possible by providing great value and accessibility with our prep courses.

Further, we believe that if we had access to this kind of awareness at the start of our careers, our professional and personal lives would be even more satisfying than it is today. Be the person who scores well on CASPer™.

RWF Training is a small group of senior management and executives from multi-national corporations, working with an advisory panel of pharmacists and doctors in both the US and Canada, who inform us both on the letter of the law and commonly accepted practice.

CASPer™ questions both aspects: having a balanced view of reality and theory helps us generate materials that are very relevant to achieving a high score. We also have experience grading and training on Situational Judgment Tests (SJT) and so are familiar with common mistakes and best practice.

CASPer™, more so than the MMI, is not as subjective as it may appear. While raters may differ in absolute score, their relative scores are fairly consistent when properly following grading guidelines. This means that not only can the test be prepared for, but analysis of the scenarios can follow a strategy. There IS a commonly accepted standard in much behaviour, even if personal style or priorities may differ.

In addition to our online prep course, we are available for on-site or remote training, seminars, and corporate training on soft skills, professional conduct, and cultural sensitivity.

For support or custom solutions, contact us:

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Our typical response time is 1-4 hours, less near CASPer™ test times.

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