CASPer™ Word Question Sample 2

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Word Question: Recall a group situation when the group did not do what you wanted.

Q1: Describe the situation.

On an engineering project the group did not take my design, which I thought was elegant, cost-effective, and potentially revolutionary. They built on an old design that was just as much work, and no one said why they didn’t want to entertain my idea.
I found out later that it had been tried recently and didn’t work. Rather than tell me, the senior engineers just ignored and characterized me as the junior, arrogant, no-nothing.
My manager later told me that no one addressed my question because I wasn’t respecting the senior team members enough. I was not rude or dismissive, but he said demanding why during the meeting rather than just accepting their wisdom was an affront to their ego.
In the future would ask for some one on one time with the senior engineers, asking them to explain their designs and history to me as a mentor, rather than positioning myself as an equal in the meeting.
That way not only would I learn, but the group would function more harmoniously. Also, if I had any good ideas, they could be developed with their help and experience, and since they now are a part ‘owner’ of the solution, would promote any ideas of merit with no problem.

Q2: Why did the group not take your suggestion?

Q3: What would you have done differently?

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