CASPer Test Myth #1

CASPer Test Myth #1: Canned answers will get a decent score

You may have heard that as long as you include certain key phrases to show you have the traits they are testing for, you should do fine and don’t really need to prepare for the CASPer test.

Watch this short video for advice.

Phrases such as:

  • I would tactfully/respectfully…
  • I would weigh both sides of the matter (pros and cons) before…
  • I would not rush to conclusions…
  • I would carefully consider the feelings of all involved…

WRONG! When you consider that AI can already parse canned answers as meaningless, how much more so for a human grader. This level of writing is considered lower-tier for undergrads seeking professional degrees.

Best case, the grader will assume you can’t think of a good answer in the time allotted, and worst, they will think you don’t understand the question or take the test seriously. In all cases, they are annoying to read.

It is true that these phrases can ornament an otherwise strong and concrete answer, but they also waste valuable time. Demonstrate you understand the perspectives by stating them explicitly, and show consideration by describing your recommended actions.

In the same way you reveal self-possession by being cordial rather than grinding out, “I’m keeping my temper under control,” it is your task to show these traits rather than claim them via a canned answer that is vague.

Better than these canned answers, if you wish to nuance the feeling of your decisions, words such as: ‘may’, ‘likely’ and so on will do more to point out that you don’t generally have a black & white perspective, particularly when they are modifying concrete actions and decisions.

If you can’t think of anything better, by all means use a canned answer, but don’t expect a good score.

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